A teaching restaurant
with high distinction


The experience

Your fine dining experience at the Berceau des Sens starts the minute you walk through our doors. Modern and minimalist in line, warm and welcoming in decor, both our restaurant and bar lounge are designed to be appetisers for the eye. A sprinkle of the Orient, a splash of the Occident, a subtle encounter of cultures and a deep-rooted desire to make you feel at home. 



An ode to the season,
a taste of the land

Perched above Lausanne and Lake Léman, close to forest and field, when you sit down to our tables and your meal unfolds, you will savour the season and get a taste of the land.

At the heart of our cuisine and a great source of inspiration to our chef Cédric Bourassin, is the outstanding produce from this part of the world (cheese by Pierre Schlunegger, legumes and vegetables from Sauverny, meat and poultry from GRTA, fish and shellfish from Lake Léman).

Our own garden, only steps from our kitchen, provides the perfect opportunity to put into practice what we teach: tradition and proximity, excellence and authenticity, a virtuous circle and sustainable food system for the well-being of all, including our planet Earth.



Our garden,
our inspiration

At the Berceau des Sens, local and seasonal produce is central to our cuisine. With that in mind, an area of 3500m2 has been dedicated to our new learning path where students work in harmony with nature to bring fresh, organic fruit, vegetables, herbs, flowers and honey into the kitchen and onto your plate. 

A new amphitheater for outdoor classes, an orchard, 6 beehives and a permaculture garden with over 200 plants, native to the region, flourish right next to the school. A place where growth is observed in sustainable ecosystems, where hands-on experience is gained year in and year out, where imaginations run wild with heady fragrance and color, where things beautiful and delicious begin to take form.

A true inspiration when learning the subtleties of vegetarian cuisine and an opportunity for reflection on the positive health and environmental impact we make when reducing the use of animal-derived ingredients.


Compensate your meal

Enjoy your meal and help the planet at the same time.

Meat and fish dishes require more resources to produce and often generate more pollution. By paying only 1 additional CHF via the Twint QR code available at the Berceau des Sens or directly with your bill, you contribute to protecting the climate and supporting the local economy. 85% will go to planting trees with Almighty Tree, and 15% to the project "1.- Franc pour le climat".