The passionate people
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Unveiling new talent

At the Berceau des Sens we probably have one of the highest turnover in staff in the world simply because we are a training restaurant for EHL’s preparatory year students. Every Monday, new teams of students enter the scene for a full week of hands-on-learning about the subtleties of service, food preparation and the art of welcoming guests.

Chef Cédric Bourassin leads the way to the tune of “Quiet we are cooking”, to keep stress levels down, instill confidence and maintain the absolute highest standards in quality and consistency despite the continual rotation of teams.

Our teaching staff, all experienced professionals from the finest restaurants and palaces worldwide, accompany and coach each student on their learning path to become top-of-the-class managers in the hospitality industry. 

And with each passing day, through perseverance and practice, we see new talent blossom as the rituals in the art of excellence are mastered.



Cédric Bourassin -
My life is my cuisine

When you sit down to your meal, you are about to enter Cédric Bourassin's universe and get a taste of his life’s work and experience acquired around the globe.

“I’m not one for telling the story of my life. I prefer to let my cuisine do the talking. It is most certainly more revealing than any speech I could possibly give.”

After obtaining his "Brevet Technicien Supérieur Option B" in "Art Culinaire de la Table" in France, Cédric went on to a brilliant international career working for prestigious restaurants and hotels throughout Europe, Malaysia and Japan.

Sixteen years later, he reached his ultimate goal when as Head Chef and Director, the Michel Bras TOYA restaurant in Japan was awarded 3 Michelin stars.

In 2016, Cédric joined EHL as Lecturer in Practical Arts and Head Chef at the Berceau Des Sens (BDS), where he continues to transmit his knowledge, tools, techniques and passion for the culinary arts to all our students.

Two short years later, after receiving 16 out of 20 points from Gault&Millau, the highest ever rating for an educational restaurant, Cédric Bourassin and the BDS team were awarded their first Michelin Star, the greatest of culinary distinctions.



  • 2012 special edition - 3 Michelin Stars for the French restaurant Bras Toya (Hokkaido) in Japan
  • 2019, 2020, 2021 - 16/20 Gault & Millau Switzerland for the Berceau des Sens
  • 2019, 2020 & 2021  - Michelin Star for the Berceau des Sens three years in a row

Our team

World-class expertise, generosity and passion. These are the qualities that define our team of recognized professionals from the highest spheres of the culinary arts and hospitality industry (châteaux, palaces, meilleurs ouvriers de France). Each individual brought together as a single team with the genuine desire to share, teach and pass on their knowledge to the students they take under wing.
Cédric Bourassin 
Maître d’enseignement
Chef de cuisine
Nicolas Berger
Sous Chef
Pascal Bordes
Marc Turcas
Chef  pâtissier
Gilles Heckmann
Chef de partie
Marco Ciaramella
Chef de partie
Mattia Sanavia
Chef de partie
Matteo Vidhi
Chef de partie
Endy Le Page
Chef de partie
Eric Iunker
Senior Lecturer
Lionel Sauvère
Senior Lecturer
Eric Doerr
Restaurant Coordinator 
Aymeric Le Vot
Fine Dining Manager
Samuel Boissy
Chef Sommelier
Thomas Fefin
Chef Sommelier
MOF Arts de la Table
Benjamin Thouvenin
F&B Assistant
Giuseppe Casarella
F&B Assistant
Nicolas Le Bouteiller
F&B Assistant