Lucrèce Lacchio en cuisine

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Our team

Lucrèce & Thomas,
Maestros of Excellence

At Berceau des Sens, the exceptional duo of Cheffe Lucrèce Lacchio and MOF Thomas Fefin operates with virtuosity and precision.

Lucrèce, effervescent and curious, infuses innovative freshness, boldly renewing our culinary universe with creativity. Alongside her, Thomas, a Master of Teaching and Meilleur Ouvrier de France, masterfully and elegantly orchestrates the restaurant's daily ballet, meticulously ensuring excellence in service and the gastronomic experience.

Their inspiring leadership, rooted in the transmission and sharing of knowledge, shapes a devoted team comprising passionate experts and dynamic students. United in a common quest: to master and reinvent the sublime art of hospitality and gastronomy. Together, they nurture a haven where excellence, passion, and creativity blossom in harmony.

Our team

World-class expertise, generosity and passion. These are the qualities that define our team of recognized professionals from the highest spheres of the culinary arts and hospitality industry (châteaux, palaces, meilleurs ouvriers de France). Each individual brought together as a single team with the genuine desire to share, teach and pass on their knowledge to the students they take under wing.
Lucrèce Lacchio 
Chef de cuisine
Nicolas-Berger rond
Nicolas Berger
Sous Chef
Julia-Berthet rond
Julia Berthet
Chef de partie
Pascal-Bordes rond
Pascal Bordes
Giuseppe-Casarella rond
Giuseppe Casarella
F&B Supervisor
Vito-Conte rond
Vito Conte
F&B Supervisor
Théo-Gouttière-Delacroix rond
Théo Gouttière-Delacroix
Chef de partie
Thomas-Fefin rond
Thomas Fefin
Restaurant Manager
Meilleur Ouvrier de France Maître d'hôtel, du Service et des Arts de la Table
Teona Floare rond
Teona Floare
Sebastiano-Greco rond
Sebastiano Greco
Chef de partie
Eric-Iunker rond
Eric Iunker
Senior Lecturer
Marc-Henri-Mialon rond
Marc-Henri Mialon
Chef Sommelier
Mattia-Sanavia rond
Mattia Sanavia
Chef de partie
Lionel-Sauvère rond
Lionel Sauvère
Senior Lecturer
Marc-Turcas rond
Marc Turcas
Chef pâtissier
Benjamin-Thouvenin rond
Benjamin Thouvenin
Fine Dining Assistant Manager
Alexandra-Zotescu rond
Alexandra Zotescu
F&B Supervisor