Le Berceau
des Sens

Welcome to EHL's
teaching restaurant

meal illustration

The beauty
of imperfection

Never before have imperfection and perfection been so linked in one place.
Take part in this exchange, this adventure of life, crazy and unexpected.

A reflection of courage and discovery in the hands of our students.

For each rose in bloom, there is at least one thorn.
For every student on duty, there is a lesson learned.
This imperfection that allows freedom, curiosity and countless surprises.
It is not a weakness, but a triumphant and brave journey.

Watch them make mistakes, forget, spill.
See progress, talent blossom.
See challenges, creativity that improves.
See boldness and bravery.
An imperfect yet beautiful ballet of students and chef,
culminating in a perfect experience for your senses.

Berceau des Sens, Michelin-starred teaching restaurant.


A starred

Being awarded a Michelin star (2019, 2020 and 2021), holding a 16/20 rating in the Gault&Millau gastronomy guidebook and being part of Les Grandes Tables de Suisse are enormous achievements of which we are very proud.  And we are even prouder of our students and staff whose hard work, talent and commitment to excellence, make reaching these goals and bringing the very best in contemporary cuisine to you, our guests, a reality.  


A zen kitchen

You can hear a pin drop amidst the hiss of steam, the crackle of heat, the whisper of admiration as the final touch is added to your next dish and then whisked out the door. 

Cédric Bourassin’s kitchen is an isle of quiet concentration; every gesture, every actor as important as the next in the quest for excellence and the exquisite. Like all the truly talented, he transmits his knowledge and respect for the art, for the beauty of simplicity, for intuition and innovation, with humility and benevolence. The same spirit prevails in the minds of our students as they move forward with each lesson learned.  

These are the ingredients that bind all our recipes; conveyors of messages that with each passing menu, create a new story as the experience unfolds.


Our lounge
& cocktail bar

Open weekdays 6:00pm to 11:00pm, our lounge and cocktail bar is the perfect place to sit back, relax and take in the beautiful surroundings.

Try one of our delicious signature cocktails prepared with panache by our bartender team or ask our sommelier to help you choose a wine that will set the atmosphere and delight your palate.

Our students are at your service to attend to your order, make your visit a lovely one and gain first-hand experience as world class hosts.


Our world of wines

Building up an exceptional wine cellar is the work of a lifetime and at the Berceau des Sens, Head Sommeliers Samuel Boissy and Thomas Fefin are our current wine “architects” and guardians of the treasures that find their way from the cellar to your table and nuance each course of your meal with their subtle bouquet. 

Samuel and Thomas invite you to discover these fine wines from Switzerland and the world over: