Our philosophy


& the art of excellence

Mastering the rituals, the minute details, gestures and traditions that take the dining experience from wonderful to exceptional, is at the core of our students’ learning path in the art of excellence.

Every Monday a new team comes in for two weeks of intensive training under the careful direction and guidance of our teaching staff, all experts in their respective domains.

With a daily change in station, from wine selection to service, from bartending to the kitchen brigade and everything in between, each student acquires the precious knowledge and insight they will need as future professionals, future masters in the art of hospitality excellence.



The Berceau des Sens is a place of learning. Students in preparatory year of the Bachelor degree get immersed in a real life creative fine-dining restaurant on the EHL Lausanne campus. They acquire precision, culinary litteracy and a strong sense of what makes a delightful guest experience.

A fine balance of learning, experimenting and creating, where tiny imperfections lead to the unexpected and surprise, where a faux-pas brings on a smile, this is Berceau des Sens, a Michelin-starred teaching restaurant.

Welcome to the Berceau des Sens, an exquisite dining experience, for the pleasure of your senses, brought to you from the minds, hands and hearts of our students and teaching staff, orchestrated by our Head Chef, Cédric Bourassin.


Giving back -
Berceau des Sens on tour

Passing on knowledge and sharing our passion and values is of the utmost importance to all of us at the Berceau des Sens.

In 2019, our heart-felt desire to give back to our peers in the hospitality industry around the world, set us off on a culinary road trip to visit our partner NGO, Ecole d’hôtellerie et de tourisme Paul Dubrule in Cambodia, where we held training sessions for students and staff and organized a gala dinner to raise funds for the school.

This trip was such a rewarding experience for everyone involved, that we are planning another tour in early 2022, this time to Japan.