Our philosophy

Our team

A living lab
of excellence

At Berceau des Sens, a pedagogical restaurant for EHL preparatory year students, creativity, and excellence converge.

Each week, a fresh wave of students brings new energy and vibrancy. Under the expert guidance of our Cheffe Lucrèce Lacchio, our restaurant director Thomas Fefin, and a dedicated team, they train in the nuances of service, food preparation, and the art of hospitality.

Kindness, autonomy, and high standards fuel their learning, shaping the future leaders of the hotel and restaurant industry.

Mastering the rituals, the minute details, gestures and traditions that take the dining experience from wonderful to exceptional, is at the core of our students’ learning path in the art of excellence.

Every Monday a new team comes in for two weeks of intensive training under the careful direction and guidance of our teaching staff, all experts in their respective domains.

With a daily change in station, from wine selection to service, from bartending to the kitchen brigade and everything in between, each student acquires the precious knowledge and insight they will need as future professionals, future masters in the art of hospitality excellence.

A meal

An ode to seasons,
a taste of the land

At Berceau des Sens, each culinary experience, orchestrated by Cheffe Lucrèce Lacchio, is a celebration of the terroir and the seasons.

Energetic and inventive, Lucrèce elevates seasonal fruits into pure and vibrant creations, providing a sensory symphony of colors and textures.

Through each dish, a constantly renewed story unfolds, celebrating nature's richness and awakening an appreciation for the authenticity and simple beauty of the ingredients.

Our garden, our inspiration

Our garden,
our inspiration

The EHL's educational garden is a nourishing source for our menu. Cheffe Lucrèce Lacchio, intimately familiar with its 3 500 of organic wonders, daily harvests fruits, vegetables, and herbs, creating a direct connection between earth and table.

The garden, abundant with two hundred regional plants, an orchard, and beehives, inspires and educates our students, grounding their learning in a living ecosystem.

Lucrèce and her team gather and enhance these seasonal treasures, crafting dishes vibrant with authenticity and freshness.